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How Missing Teeth Can Change Your Life
Salem, OR

Man with a missing tooth, at Salem, Or dentist. Missing teeth can substantially impact an individual's quality of life and lead to many problems. People with missing teeth should not refrain from getting replacements, as this can lead to severe issues such as gum disease and cause tooth misalignment over time.

How Missing Teeth Can Impact Your Life

Some major impacts that missing teeth can have on one's life are as follows:
•  Bone loss: When one puts off getting dental implants in the place of a missing tooth, the bone surrounding the area of the missing tooth begins to degrade. Therefore, if you decide to get dental implants later, you might need to go through procedures like bone grafting to restore the damaged bone. Installing dental implants in a weak jawbone can lead to dental implant failure since the jawbone will not be strong enough to hold the implant in place.

•  Gum recession: As the bone surrounding the lost tooth begins to weaken and shrink, the gums around it become delicate and thin over time. This can make your gums more susceptible to damage, bleeding, and gum disease. Moreover, it can also be challenging to maintain dental implants on shrunken and weak gums.

•  Shifts in facial appearance: Missing teeth can negatively influence your facial appearance by speeding up facial aging and altering the general shape of your face, in addition to affecting the appearance of your smile. Those with missing teeth frequently notice changes in the look of their nose, chins, and lips.

What Can You Do About Missing Teeth?

Not replacing missing teeth is never a wise decision, and one must always act once they lose a tooth to avoid damaging the bone and teeth surrounding the area of the missing tooth.

If you are missing single or multiple teeth, you can call us at 503-362-5019 to schedule an appointment with our professionals at Shull Family Dentistry. We offer several options for patients looking for dental restoration, including:

•  Single-tooth implant: A single-tooth implant is ideal for a patient with a single missing tooth. Professionals place these implants into your jawbone through the hole left by the missing tooth.

•  Multiple-tooth implant: A multiple-tooth implant is similar to a single-tooth implant. However, as the name suggests, it can help replace multiple missing teeth.

•  All-on-4 dental implant: The All-on-4® Treatment Concept is an excellent option for individuals requiring a complete arch restoration. This is a more cost-effective option for patients requiring multiple dental implants.

and Dr. Shull advise patients not to allow missing teeth to prevent them from leading a quality life and to contact them as soon as possible to receive replacements. They are highly qualified and experienced professionals that will go above and beyond to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.
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How Missing Teeth Can Change Your Life • Shull Family Dentistry
Missing teeth can substantially impact an individual's quality of life and lead to many problems. Click here, to see how we can help you solve this issue now!
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