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Image of a mouthgaurd at Shull Family Dentistry in Salem, Or.When you have problems with sleeping at night, the issues will most likely be surrounding existing health issues such as sleep apnea or grinding the teeth. If you grind your teeth at night, then you will certainly benefit from a nighttime mouthguard. You will know that you grind your teeth because of the headaches you wake up with in the morning.

As a nighttime mouthguard is worn at night, your gums and teeth will be able to maintain their health. You also will not need to worry about waking up family members if you snore at night. Once you contact Shull Family Dentistry, we will take all of the necessary steps concerning a night guard so that you have the needed protection.

Protect Your Jaw

Having a mouthguard worn at night is a great way to eliminate teeth grinding (bruxism). Because this condition is so serious, it is able to make a good night’s sleep become worse in an instant. However, when you have your mouthguard in, your whole nighttime experience will change for the better.

While you sleep with your mouthguard, it will allow the jaw to rest. With the mouthguard in proper alignment, the pressure will be relieved on your jaw.

How Do You Benefit From A Mouthguard At Night?

If you have been diagnosed with bruxism or sleep apnea, then you will benefit greatly from a mouthguard worn at night. The mouthguard will eliminate the teeth grinding and protect your teeth from its effects. Once you start wearing the mouthguard nightly, a difference will be seen and felt instantly.

Another benefit is that the amount of pressure and stress that your jaw felt before will be eliminated and you will feel a lot more comfortable while you sleep. You can make use of a night guard in a variety of ways so that bruxism and sleep apnea can be eliminated. The only difference that will make it all possible is whether a mouthguard is worn or not.

The Three Types of Nighttime Mouthguards

Trying to sleep soundly at night can be difficult if you don’t use a mouthguard. This is why a mouthguard at night is highly important. The need for a mouthguard will be even more if your sleeping condition worsens.

What you need to do is contemplate using a mouthguard while sleeping. You will be glad to know that a mouthguard is available in three types. The types you can take advantage of include a hard mouthguard, soft mouthguard, or a hybrid mouthguard.

When your spouse or significant other keeps waking you up due to you grinding your teeth, then you should be in contact with Shull Family Dentistry. We will happily explain how a nighttime mouthguard could be the perfect option for you to enjoy a full night's sleep. Give us a call at 503-362-5019 to learn all about wearing night guards.
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Once you contact Shull Family Dentistry, we will take all of the necessary steps concerning a mouth guard so that you have the needed protection.
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